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The Herriot Way
by Norman Scholes
Published: 1997
Binding: Paperback, 40 Pages
Dimensions: 212 mm x 150 mm
Weight: 100 grams
RRP: £4.99
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Back to the Books Page Norman Scholes shares the passion James Herriot had for the Yorkshire Dales, and this little book is his tribute to the man and to his place. He sees the route as a 4-day walk, though he would be the first to encourage you to do it your own pace.

Norman Scholes’ four days are a History Day (Mary Queen of Scots; lead mining), a Water Day (the Gills of Swaledale), a View Day (from Great Shunner Fell, Yorkshire’s fourth high point) and a Valley Day (home along Wensleydale’s Ure).

Here are practical suggestions on how to get in and out of Wensleydale and where to stay along the route. There is an admirably basic kit list, a few crisp walking hints and some useful background information on the area. Scholes stresses, and this is important, the need for going armed with the appropriate maps. The navigation for much of this walk is straightforward, but it does go high and into big country between the two dales; anything can happen to you in these spaces, so knowing how to pick up the 6-point grid references scattered throughout the text will make you feel comfortable and help keep you safe.

By the far the largest proportion of this book is the route-finding instructions. True, there are passing references to points of interest, historical, geographical, topographical, but the focus is on telling you how to find your way. The instructions are succinct and reliable.

You know your own requirements of a walking guidebook. If you want an introduction to the region and a detailed commentary from the writer, the Yorkshire Dales are covered by a wide range of books available in all main English bookshops. If your taste and your need are for a helping hand along the way, helping you to interpret your map, this is the book for you.

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